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Haven TV Show

Haven Cast

Series Description


The Haven TV Show is a 60 minute fantasy series on Syfy about an FBI agent who finds that the residents of a small town in Maine have been afflicted with a plague that gives them paranormal abilities. She also discovers that she herself may be someone other than who she believes and her memories and even her name may have been altered.

Haven Cast

Emily Rose .................... Audrey Parker
Eric Balfour .................. Duke Crocker
Lucas Bryant .................. Nathan Wuornos
John Dunsworth ................ Dave Teagues
Richard Donat ................. Vince Teagues
Nicholas Campbell ............. Chief of Police Wuornos
Stephen McHattie .............. Reverend Ed Driscoll
Vinessa Antoine ............... Evidence "Evi" Ryan

Haven Trivia

This Haven TV show is loosely based on Stephen King's novella, "The Colorado Kid".

The Wuorneses are named after Aileen Wuornos who killed seven men in Florida during 1989 and 1990. She was executed by lethal injection for her crimes on October 9, 2002.

Most of the exterior shots including the Haven police department were done in Lunenberg, Nova scotia.

A favorite of Stephen King's novels, "The Tommyknockers" also took place in Haven.

The Gun & Rose Diner is a reference to King's "Dark Tower Series". Roland is a member of a knightly order referred to as "gunslingers" who come from another world. Roland's quest was to find the nexus of all universes (aka: The Dark Tower) and also protected a rose on Earth from destruction.

In the opening credits of Haven you will notice a reference to King's most predominant villain, "Randall Flagg" who the credits mention as "the most Revered Flagg".

The towns of "Castle Rock" and "Derry" are often mentioned on Haven. They are fictional towns that have been the settings for many of Stephen King's other short stories and novels.

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