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Halifax f.p.

Halifax f.p. Cast

Series Description

The Halifax f.p. TV show was actually a series of 90-102 minute Australian crime drama TV movies that aired on Channel Nine. They were generally about a lady forensic psychiatrist who finds criminals by exploring what appears to be going on inside their heads.

Halifax f.p. Cast


Rebecca Gibney .............. Jane Halifax

Halifax f.p. Trivia

These movies have been broadcast in more than 60 countries worldwide!

TV Movies List:

We have not been able to determine the original air dates of all of the movies but we've listed those that we could verify below.
  1. Acts of Betrayal (11/9/1994)
  2. Words Without Music
  3. The Feeding
  4. My Lovely Girl
  5. Hardcorps
  6. Lies of the Mind
  7. Without Consent
  8. Cradle and All
  9. Sweet Dreams
  10. Deja Vu
  11. Isn't It Romantic
  12. Afraid of the Dark
  13. Someone You Know
  14. Swimming with Sharks
  15. A Murder of Crows
  16. A Person of Interest (6/11/2000)
  17. The Spider and the Fly (8/27/2000)
  18. A Hate Worse Than Death (11/5/2000)
  19. The Scorpion's Kiss (10/21/2001)
  20. Playing God (11/25/2001)
  21. Takes Two (7/7/2002)

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