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Guestward Ho!

Guestward Ho! Cast
Series Description

The Guestward Ho! TV show was a situation comedy series about Bill and Babs Hooten who make a drastic change in their lives! They decide to move from New York City and run a dude ranch in New Mexico! Their dreams of an easier, slower lifestyle are crushed when they arrive to find that the ranch is in a sad state of repair. Taking care of the guests and animals on the ranch is not quite as "romantic" as they thought it would be either.


Joanne Dru ................ Babs Hooten
Mark Miller ............... Bill Hooten
J. Carrol Naish ........... Hawkeye
Flip Mark ................. Brook Hooten
Jolene Brand .............. Pink Cloud
Earle Hodgins ............. Lonesome
Tony Montenaro, Jr. ....... Rocky

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Hootons Buy A Ranch (9/29/1960)
  2. You Can't Go Home Again (10/6/1960)
  3. The Lost Tribe (10/20/1960)
  4. Babs Meets Phyllis Brady (10/27/1960)
  5. Babs And The Cow (11/3/1960)
  6. The Hootons Fire Lonesome (11/10/1960)
  7. Babs' Mother (11/17/1960)
  8. The Thanksgiving Story (11/24/1960)
  9. Babs' Vanity (12/1/1960)
  10. Babs And The Lion (12/8/1960)
  11. The Matchmaker (12/15/1960)
  12. The Christmas Spirit (12/22/1960)
  13. The Model Mother (12/29/1960)
  14. Injun Bill (1/5/1961)
  15. The Social Director (1/12/1961)
  16. Frontier Week (1/19/1961)
  17. Too Many Cooks (1/26/1961)
  18. Dimples Goes To Hollywood (2/2/1961)
  19. No Vacancy (2/9/1961)
  20. Manhattan Merry-Go-Round (2/16/1961)
  21. Bill, The Candidate (2/23/1961)
  22. Babs, The Guest (3/2/1961)
  23. Hawkeye's First Love (3/9/1961)
  24. Hawkeye The Mother (3/16/1961)
  25. Hawkeye's Stadium (3/23/1961)
  26. The Honorary Indian (3/30/1961)
  27. The Hootens Build A Barbecue (4/6/1961)
  28. Hooton Statue (4/13/1961)
  29. Two Guests From The East (4/20/1961)
  30. Bill, The Fireman (4/27/1961)
  31. Babs, The Manager (5/4/1961)
  32. Lonesome's Gal (5/11/1961)
  33. The Wrestler (5/18/1961)
  34. The Hooton's Versus Hawkeye (5/25/1961)
  35. The Hooton's Second Car (6/1/1961)
  36. The Wild West Show (6/8/1961)
  37. The Beatniks (6/15/1961)
  38. No Place Like Home (6/22/1961)

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