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Gracepoint TV Show

Gracepoint Cast
Series Description

The Gracepoint TV show is a 60 minute mystery drama series on FOX about the murder of a young boy in a small seaside locale called Gracepoint that results in chaos due to intense media coverage. The parents give the police a list of people they suspect may have killed their son and every name on that list is one of their friends! The lives of the entire town's residents and especially the boy's family are intensely disrupted.

Gracepoint Cast

David Tennant .... Detective Emmett Carver
Anna Gunn .... Detective Ellie Miller
Josh Hamilton .... Joe Miller
Jack Irvine .... Tom Miller
Nick Nolte .... Jack Reinhold
Michael Pena .... Mark Solano
Virginia Kull .... Beth Solano
Madalyn Horcher .... Chloe Solano
Jacki Weaver .... Susan Wright
Kevin Rankin .... Reverend Paul Coates
Sarah-Jane Potts .... Gemma Fisher
Kendrick Sampson .... Dean Iverson
Kevin Zegers .... Owen Burke
Stephen Louis Grush .... Vince Novik
Jessica Lucas .... Renee Clemons

Gracepoint Trivia

This series is based on the 2013 United Kingdom TV series "Broadchurch". David Tennant who plays the starring role on this Americanized version also starred on the UK series but his role on that series was named "Deputy Inspector Alec Hardy".

Just in case you thought that Gracepoint was cancelled or was ended prematurely, it was intended from the beginning to only run for 10 episodes.

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