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The Governor And J.J.

The Governor And J.J. Cast

Series Description

The Governor And J.J. TV show was a comedy series about the Governor of a state who's wife died, so his daughter "J.J." took her mother's place as the 1st lady of the state. The series won a Golden Globe award in 1970 for "Best TV Show".


Dan Dailey .................. Governor William Drinkwater
Julie Sommars ............... Jennifer Jo "J.J." Drinkwater
Neva Patterson .............. Maggie McLeod
Nora Marlowe ................ Sara Andrews
James Callahan .............. George Callison

Episodes List With Original Air Dates


The First Season

  1. The Second 1st Lady (9/16/1969)
  2. There Go The Judge (9/23/1969)
  3. Romeo And J.J. (10/7/1969)
  4. One Little Indian (10/14/1969)
  5. Cat On A Hot Tin Mansion (10/21/1969)
  6. The Butterfly Man Of Alcazar (10/28/1969)
  7. Come Fly Without Me (11/4/1969)
  8. Rhyme With Reason (11/11/1969)
  9. My Good Friend, What's His Name (11/18/1969)
  10. Springtime For Maggie (11/25/1969)
  11. State Of Reunion (12/2/1969)
  12. Bunky's Buddy (12/9/1969)
  13. The Governor's Portrait (12/16/1969)
  14. Profile In Discourage (12/23/1969)
  15. Once Upon A War (12/31/1969)
  16. Never Judge A Book By Its Naked Cover (1/6/1970)
  17. The Last Weekend (1/13/1970)
  18. The Tic Toc Tale (1/20/1970)
  19. Luv The Guv (1/27/1970)
  20. Bye, George (2/10/1970)
  21. Abe Lincoln Slept Here (2/17/1970)
  22. Son Of The Bride (2/24/1970)
  23. The Governor Gets The Chair (3/3/1970)
  24. The Return Of Doctor Livingston (3/10/1970)
  25. Charley's Back In Town (3/17/1970)
  26. Second Opinion (3/24/1970)

The Second Season

  1. And The World Begat The Bleep (9/16/1970)
  2. Ben And Her (9/23/1970)
  3. Read That Leg To Me Again (9/30/1970)
  4. File Safe (10/7/1970)
  5. Run Ballerina, Run (10/14/1970)
  6. Fawcett Is Running (10/21/1970)
  7. Maid For Sara (11/4/1970)
  8. Check The Check (11/11/1970)
  9. The Making Of The Governor (11/18/1970)
  10. A Day In The Life (12/2/1970)
  11. Twice In A Lifetime (12/9/1970)
  12. P.S. I Don't Love You (12/16/1970)
  13. From Here To Maternity (12/30/1970)

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