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Goode Behavior

Goode Behavior Cast
Series Description

The Goode Behavior TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on UPN (now the CW Network) about a college professor who had everything going for him. He was even one of the few people being considered as the new Dean of Humanities at the University where he worked. Then his ex-con father arrived after being released from a stay in prison and happiness may be difficult to maintain.

Goode Behavior Cast

Sherman Hemsley ......... Willie Goode
Dorien Wilson ........... Franklin Goode
Alex Datcher ............ Barbara Goode
Scott Grimes ............ Garth Shoup
Bianca Lawson ........... Bianca Goode
Joseph Maher ............ Chancellor Willoughby

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Freed Willie (8/26/1996)
  2. Goode Together (9/2/1996)
  3. Goode Samaritan (9/9/1996)
  4. Goode Sport (9/16/1996)
  5. Goode Cause (9/23/1996)
  6. Goode Feelings (9/30/1996)
  7. Goode Hands (10/14/1996)
  8. Goode and Scared (10/28/1996)
  9. Goode and Fired (11/4/1996)
  10. Goode Book (11/11/1996)
  11. Goode Golly, Miss Molly (11/18/1996)
  12. Goode Grades (11/25/1996)
  13. Goode Lord (1/13/1997)
  14. Goode Stuff (1/20/1997)
  15. Goode Will (2/3/1997)
  16. Goode Lovin' (2/10/1997)
  17. The Goode, Bad and the Willie (2/17/1997)
  18. Goode Daddy (2/24/1997)
  19. Goode Music (4/28/1997)
  20. Goode Cop, Bad Cop (5/5/1997)
  21. The Only Goode Indian (5/12/1997)
  22. Goode Angel (5/19/1997)

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