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Gold Rush Alaska

Gold Rush Alaska Cast
Series Description

The Gold Rush Alaska TV show is a 60 minute reality series that premiered on December 3, 2010 on Discovery. The economy is terrible in the early 2010s. Seven men from Sandy, Oregon are desperate to find a way to support their families and save their homes! In a desperate move they decide to prospect for Gold in the remote area of Porcupine Creek, Alaska even though most prospectors fail in the attempt and only one of them has any experience in the task! Can they overcome a multitude of difficulties and strike it rich in Alaska? Only time will tell!

Gold Rush Alaska Cast

Paul Christie - Narrator

Jack Hoffman (Age 65) - Previously prospected in Alaska 25 years ago. Todd's dad. Hopes to hit it big this time!

Todd Hoffman (Age 41) - Secured a mining claim, assembled the equipment and crew. Jack's son.

James Harness (Age 54) - The crew's mechanic with a horrible spinal injury that he can't afford to have treated.

Greg Remsburg (Age 41) - Out-of-work and broke construction supervisor with a family to support.

Jim Thurber (Age 54) - The crew's safety officer and expert sheet metal worker who lost his business and is about to lose his home.

Jimmy Dorsey (Age 34) - Realtor suffering from the housing slump. He was irritated with the slow progress and left early.

Chris Doumitt (Age 59)- Originally was only to spend ten days building a cabin for Greg Remsburg and his family but stayed on when gold fever struck him.

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