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Glory Days Cast
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The Glory Days TV show was a 60 minute dramatic comedy series on the WB Network (later becoming the CW Netork) about an author who wrote a bestseller novel with characters based on people from his home town. They even made a movie from it! Then the author got a severe case of writer's block and decided to take a break from writing by visiting his home town. When he got there, he found that many of his former friends and acquaintances weren't too happy with the way they were portrayed in the novel and the movie.

Glory Days Cast

Eddie Cahill .... Mike Dolan
Jay R. Ferguson .... Sheriff Rudy Dunlop
Poppy Montgomery .... Ellie Sparks
Emily VanCamp .... Sam Dolan
Frances Fisher .... Mitzi Dolan
Amy Stewart .... Sara Dolan
Ben Crowley .... Zane Walker
Theresa Russell .... Hazel Walker

Glory Days Trivia

There was another Glory Days pilot produced to sell the series to the WB. That episode was not broadcast.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Grim Ferrytale (1/16/2002)
  2. The Devil Made Me Do It (1/23/2002)
  3. MissFortune Teller (1/30/2002)
  4. Death, Lies and Videotape (2/6/2002)
  5. The Lost Girls (2/13/2002)
  6. Everybody Loves Rudy (2/20/2002)
  7. There Goes the Neighborhood (3/11/2002)
  8. No Guts, No Glory (3/18/2002)
  9. Clowning Glory (3/25/2002)
  10. Cirque de So Dead (3/25/2002)

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