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Get Smart

Get Smart cast

You may also want to check out our "Get Smart (1965)" page.

Series Description

The Get Smart TV show was a 30 minute situation comedy series on the FOX Network. This was a futile attempt to resurrect the 1965 version of Get Smart. Andy Dick played the bumbling agent in this one and not very well. Elaine Hendrix was his "savior" as was Barbara Feldon for Don Adams in the original series.

Get Smart Cast

Don Adams ........ Maxwell Smart (Chief of CONTROL)
Andy Dick ........ Zach Smart
Elaine Hendrix ... Agent 66
Heather Morgan ... Trudy
Barbara Feldon ... Agent 99

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

1. Pilot (1/8/1995)
2. Casino Evil (1/15/1995)
3. Goodbye Ms. Chip (1/22/1995)
4. Shooting Up The Charts (1/29/1995)
5. Passenger 99 (2/5/1995)
6. Wurst Enemies (2/12/1995)
7. Liver Let Die (2/19/1995)

Theatrical Movie

The Nude Bomb (1980)

TV Movie

Get Smart Again! (2/26/1989)

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