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Garrison's Gorillas

Garrison's Gorillas Cast
Series Description

The Garrison's Gorillas TV show was a 60 minute war/action series on ABC about a group of misfits who were taken from prisons to become commandos who would use their criminal skills against the Germans during World War II. If their maneuvers were successful, they would get Presidential pardons. If they failed, they would be disposed of by a firing squad!

Garrison's Gorillas Cast

Ron Harper ................. Lieutenant Craig Garrison
Rudy Solari ................ Casino
Brendon Boone .............. Chief
Cesare Danova .............. Actor
Christopher Cary ........... Goniff

Garrison's Gorillas Trivia

The Garrison's Gorillas TV show was obviously inspired by the 1967 movie, "The Dirty Dozen". In fact, Telly Savalas who starred in that movie was a guest star on the very first episode.

Casino was a safe cracker who could break into just about anything, Chief was an American Indian who could quietly kill with his switchblade, Actor was a pretty-boy con man who could convince anyone of anything, and Goniff was a cat burglar who could get in and out of anyplace without being seen.

Lieutenant Garrison was a West Point graduate who, after a brief period of difficulty, quickly convinced his "tough-guy" crew that he was tougher than the bunch of them put together.

Garrison's Gorillas had a pretty nice time slot on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 8:30PM. In the same slot, CBS was airing "Daktari" while NBC was broadcasting "I Dream of Jeannie" and the first half of "The Jerry Lewis Show".

Garrison's Gorillas were "headquartered" in a secluded part of England but their missions were typically behind enemy lines on the continent.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Big Con (9/6/1967)
  2. Breakout (9/13/1967)
  3. The Grab (9/19/1967)
  4. Banker's Hours (9/26/1967)
  5. 48 Hours to Doomsday (10/3/1967)
  6. The Great Theft (10/10/1967)
  7. The Deadly Masquerade (10/17/1967)
  8. Now I Lay Me Down to Die (10/24/1967)
  9. Operation Hellfire (10/31/1967)
  10. Thieves' Holiday (11/7/1967)
  11. 20 Gallons to Kill (11/14/1967)
  12. Friendly Enemies (11/21/1967)
  13. Black Market (11/28/1967)
  14. The Great Crime Wave (12/5/1967)
  15. The Magnificent Forger (12/19/1967)
  16. The Expendables (12/26/1967)
  17. War Games (1/2/1968)
  18. Run From Death (1/9/1968)
  19. The Death Sentence (1/16/1968)
  20. The Big Lie (1/23/1968)
  21. Ride of Terror (1/30/1968)
  22. War and Crime - Part 1 (2/13/1968)
  23. The Plot to Kill - Part 2 (2/20/1968)
  24. The Frame-Up (2/27/1968)
  25. The War Diamonds (3/5/1968)
  26. Time Bomb (3/12/1968)

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