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From A Bird's Eye View

Series Description

The From A Bird's Eye View TV show was a comedy series about two airline stewardesses who get themselves into a never-ending series of messes while jetting all around the globe.



Millicent Martin ............ Millie Grover
Pat Finley .................. Maggie Ralston
Robert Cawdron .............. Uncle Bert Quigley
Peter Jones ................. Clive Beauchamp
Noel Hood ................... Miss Fosdyke

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Hate-In (3/29/1971)
  2. Wife Trouble (4/5/1971)
  3. Hurricane Milliebr (4/12/1971)
  4. Millie's Moveable Feast (4/19/1971)
  5. Difficult Passenger (4/26/1971)
  6. Nobody Sleeps On A Honeymoon (5/3/1971)
  7. Russian Roulette, Millie Style (5/10/1971)
  8. Witness For The Persecution (5/17/1971)
  9. I Too Was A Novice (5/24/1971)
  10. Sicilian Affair (5/31/1971)
  11. Highland Fling (6/7/1971)
  12. Family Tree (6/14/1971)
  13. All In A Day's Work (6/21/1971)
  14. Never Put It In Writing (6/28/1971)
  15. The Matchmakers (8/9/1971)
  16. Home Is Where The Heart Is (8/16/1971)

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