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Freakylinks Cast


The Freakylinks TV show was a 60 minute horror series on the FOX Network.

Freakylinks Cast


Ethan Embry ................. Adam Barnes
Lisa Sheridan ............... Chloe Tanner
Karim Prince ................ Jason Tatum
Lizette Carrion ............. Lan Williams

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Fearsum (10/6/2000)
  2. Three Thirteen (10/13/2000)
  3. Edith Keeler Must Die (10/20/2000)
  4. Coelacanth This! (10/27/2000)
  5. Desert Squid! Myth Or Legend? (11/3/2000)
  6. The Harbingers (1/5/2001)
  7. Still I Rise (1/12/2001)
  8. Me And My Shadow (1/19/2001)
  9. The Stone Room (1/26/2001)
  10. Live Fast, Die Young (6/1/2001)
  11. Police Siren (6/8/2001)
  12. Sunrise At Sunset Streams (6/15/2001)
  13. The Final Word (6/22/2001)

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