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Freaks and Geeks Cast
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The Freaks and Geeks TV show was a 30 minute situation comedy series that NBC refered to as, "What High School was like for the rest of us". It sure wasn't your typical High School show like "Beverly Hills 90210" or "Saved By The Bell"! Here we saw a group of typical kids in the 1980s, zits and all!

Freaks and Geeks Cast

Joe Flaherty .... Harold Weir
John Francis Daley .... Sam Weir
Linda Cardellini .... Lindsay Weir
James Franco .... Daniel
Samm Levine .... Neil
Jason Segel .... Nick
Martin Starr .... Bill

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

1... Pilot (9/25/1999)
2... Beers And Weirs (10/2/1999)
3... Tricks And Treats (10/30/1999)
4... Tests And Breasts (11/6/1999)
5... I'm With The Band (11/20/1999)
6... Carded And Discarded (1/10/2000)
7... Girlfriends And Boyfriends (1/17/2000)
8... We've Got Spirit (1/24/2000)
9... The Diary (1/31/2000)
10. Looks And Books (2/7/2000)
11. The Garage Door (3/13/2000)
12. Chokin And Tokin (3/20/2000)
13. Dead Dogs And Gym Teachers (3/27/2000)
14. Kim Kelly Is My Friend (4/3/2000)
15. Noshing And Moshing (4/10/2000)
16. Smooching And Mooching (4/17/2000)
17. The Little Things (4/24/2000)
18. Discos And Dragons (5/1/2000)
19. Kim Kelly Is My Friend (9/5/2000)
20. Dead Dogs And Gym Teachers (10/10/2000)
21. Noshing And Moshing (10/17/2000)

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