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The Frank Sinatra Show

The Frank Sinatra Show Cast
Series Description

The Frank Sinatra Show was a drama AND musical series featuring performances by Frank and his well-known guests. Episodes either had non-musical guests appearing in dramatic mini-plays or they were musical in nature with Frank and other musical stars of the day singing their hearts out!


Frank Sinatra


Frank Sinatra was, to say the least, multi-talented! Most people are aware of his singing, TV, and movie careers. Frank also had a very busy career on the radio! In addition to making numerous guest appearances on the radio, he also starred as a private detective on a series titled, The "Rocky Fortune radio show!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Bob Hope, Kim Novak and Peggy Lee (10/18/1957)
  2. That Man Hogan (Reba Waters) (10/25/1957)
  3. Nancy Sinatra (11/1/1957)
  4. Peggy Lee (11/8/1957)
  5. McGuire Sisters (11/15/1957)
  6. A Gun at His Back (11/22/1957)
  7. Dean Martin (11/29/1957)
  8. Pamela Light and 8 Songs By Frank (12/6/1957)
  9. Take Me to Hollywood (12/13/1957)
  10. Bing Crosby (12/20/1957)
  11. The Feeling is Mutual (12/27/1957)
  12. Dinah Shore (1/3/1958)
  13. Robert Mitchum (1/10/1958)
  14. Louis Prima and Keely Smith (1/17/1958)
  15. Jo Stafford (1/24/1958)
  16. Sammy Davis, Jr. (1/31/1958)
  17. Jeannie Carson (2/7/1958)
  18. Shirley Jones (2/14/1958)
  19. A Time to Cry (Anne Bancroft and Lloyd Bridges) (2/21/1958)
  20. Van Johnson (2/28/1958)
  21. Edie Adams and Stan Freberg (3/7/1958)
  22. Eydie Gorme and Joey Bishop (3/14/1958)
  23. A Man on the Stairs (3/21/1958)
  24. Eddie Fisher (3/28/1958)
  25. Spike Jones (4/4/1958)
  26. The Brownstone Incident (Cloris Leachman and Jack Albertson) (4/18/1958)
  27. Ethel Merman (4/25/1958)
  28. Ella Fitzgerald (5/9/1958)
  29. The Green Grass of St. Theresa (Wally Cox) (5/16/1958)
  30. Natalie Wood and Pat Suzuki (5/23/1958)
  31. A Face of Fear (5/30/1958)
  32. The Seedling Doubt (Macdonald Carey) (6/6/1958)

Season 2

  1. The Frank Sinatra Timex Show (Bing Crosby / Dean Martin / Jimmie Durante / Mitzi Gaynor)(10/15/1959)
  2. An Afternoon With Frank Sinatra (Ella Fitzgerald / Juliet Prowse / Peter Lawford) (12/13/1959)
  3. Here's To The Ladies (Lena Horne / Juliet Prowse) (2/15/1960)
  4. Welcome Home Elvis (Peter Lawford / Sammy Davis Jr. / Joey Bishop / Elvis Presley) (5/12/1960)

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