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Four Just Men

Four Just Men Cast
Series Description

The Four Just Men TV show was a 30 minute British action series that aired on ITV. It was about 4 men who are devoted to fighting injustice everywhere. It was actually 4 shows in one. The four main stars along with their co-stars would each appear every fourth week or so (except for the pilot where they all appear together). The men are all connected, however, in that they served in the military together during World War II. Years after the war they had all established their lives in different parts of the world. When their former commander dies, he leaves them a recording asking them to fight injustice and leaves them a fortune to pay for the fight.

Four Just Men Cast

Jack Hawkins ............ Ben Manfred (Member of Parliament / London, England)
Andrew Keir ............. Jock

Dan Dailey .............. Tim Collier (American Journalist / Paris, France)
Honor Blackman .......... Nicole (Secretary)

Richard Conte ........... Jeff Ryder (Lawyer / New York, United States)
June Thorburn ........... Vicky (Girlfriend)

Vittorio de Sica ........ Ricco Poccari (Hotel Owner / Rome, Italy)
Lisa Gastoni ............ Guilia (Girlfriend)

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Four Just Men - The First And Only Season

  1. Battle Of The Bridges (9/17/1959)
  2. The Prime Minister (9/24/1959) (Dan Dailey)
  3. Village Of Shame (10/1/1959) (Jack Hawkins)
  4. The Judge (10/8/1959) (Richard Conte)
  5. Crying Jester (10/15/1959) (Vittorio de Sica)
  6. The Beatniques (10/22/1959) (Dan Dailey)
  7. The Deserter (10/29/1959) (Jack Hawkins)
  8. Dead Man's Switch (11/5/1959) (Richard Conte)
  9. The Night Of The Precious Stones (11/12/1959) (Vittorio de Sica)
  10. The DeadLY Capsule (11/19/1959) (Dan Dailey)
  11. Their Man In London (11/26/1959) (Jack Hawkins)
  12. Maya (12/10/1959) (Vittorio de Sica)
  13. National Treasure (12/24/1959) (Jack Hawkins)
  14. Panic Button (12/31/1959) (Richard Conte)
  15. The Man With The Golden Touch (1/7/1960) (Vittorio de Sica)
  16. Marie (1/14/1960) (Dan Dailey)
  17. The Survivor (1/21/1960) (Jack Hawkins)
  18. The Discovery (1/28/1960) (Richard Conte)
  19. The Rietti Group (2/4/1960) (Vittorio de Sica)
  20. The Man In The Road (2/11/1960) (Dan Dailey)
  21. Money To Burn (2/17/1960) (Jack Hawkins)
  22. Crack-Up (2/24/1960) (Richard Conte)
  23. The Miracle Of St. Philippe (3/9/1960) (Dan Dailey)
  24. The Slaver (3/30/1960) (Vittorio de Sica)
  25. The Princess (4/6/1960) (Dan Dailey)
  26. The Protector (4/20/1960) (Richard Conte)
  27. The Man In The Royal Suite (4/27/1960) (Vittorio de Sica)
  28. The Grandmother (5/4/1960) (Dan Dailey)
  29. The Man Who Wasn't There (5/11/1960) (Jack Hawkins)
  30. The Bystanders (5/18/1960) (Richard Conte)
  31. Rogue's Harvest (5/25/1960) (Vittorio de Sica)
  32. The Godfather (6/1/1960) (Dan Dailey)
  33. Riot (6/8/1960) (Richard Conte)
  34. The Heritage (6/15/1960) (Jack Hawkins)
  35. The Last Days Of Nick Pompey (6/22/1960) (Richard Conte)
  36. The Moment Of Truth (7/13/1960) (Dan Dailey)
  37. Justice For Gino (7/27/1960) (Richard Conte)
  38. The Boy Without A Country (8/10/1960) (Jack Hawkins)
  39. The Treviso Dam (8/17/1960) (Vittorio de Sica)

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