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Fortune Hunter

Fortune Hunter Cast

Series Description

The Fortune Hunter TV show was a 60 minute spy action series on the FOX Network about the exploits of a spy-extraordinaire who was a former British agent who worked for a high-tech, world-wide corporation that specialized in recovering classified and other very important information and items that had been stolen from governments and other corportations. He travelled the world using his spy abilities and high-tech gadgets to track down the bad guys and recover the stolen items. His assignments were typically considered very dangerous due to the value of what he was trying to recover.

Fortune Hunter Cast

Mark Frankel ................ Carlton Dial
John Robert Hoffman ......... Harry Flack
Kim Faze .................... Yvonne

Fortune Hunter Trivia


There were eight episodes of the Fortune Hunter TV show that were produced but were not broadcast in the U.S. Their titles were: "Countdown", "The Alpha Team", "The Cursed Dagger", "The Deadliest Game", "Stowaway", "Sea Trial", "Body Count", and "Millenium". Ironically, all thirteen episodes aired outside the U.S. where audiences seemed to love it and it got great ratings!

The Fortune Hunter series may have failed in the U.S. simply due to its time slot. The show aired on Sundays after football games. The chairman of the FOX Network, Rupert Murdoch, felt that the distruction of a series with so much potential by placing it so badly on the schedule was unforgiveable and he fired Sandy Grushow (the President of FOX) in part for that reason!

There weren't many well known actors that guest-starred on Fortune Hunter but Anne Francis ("Honey West") did make an appearance on the very first episode, "The Frostfire Intercept".

The corporation that undercover agent Carlton Dial worked for was named, "Intercept". He also had assistance from his San Francisco, California headquarters where his geeky genius cohort Harry Flack helped him coordinate his movements. Dial wore an optical contact lens that sent video back to his headquarters so that Harry could see (and hear) everything that Dial encountered on his missions.

Carlton Dial was a suave and debonaire agent similar to James Bond including his attractiveness to the ladies. Of course, when Dial was with one of them, he turned off his contact lens camera and microphone so Harry never got to witness those private moments in Dial's life.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Frostfire Intercept (aka: "Pilot Episode") (9/4/1994)
  2. The Aquarius Intercept (9/11/1994)
  3. Triple Cross (aka: "The Corkscrew Intercept") (9/18/1994)
  4. Hot Ice (aka: "The Winter Star Intercept") (9/25/1994)
  5. Red Alert (10/2/1994)

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