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Forever TV Show

Forever Cast

Series Description


The Forever TV show is a 60 minute fantasy crime sci-fi series on ABC about a 200-year-old immortal man who also happens to be New York City's top medical examiner. His long life and experience has resulted in him acquiring nearly perfect observational skills. He doesn't miss a thing so along with his detective partner, they are the Big Apple's best hope for solving crimes. The one thing he can't seem to figure out is what caused his immortality!

Forever Cast

Ioan Gruffudd .... Dr. Henry Morgan
Judd Hirsch .... Abe
Barbara Eve Harris .... Lieutenant Marcia Roarke
Alana de la Garza .... Detective Jo Martinez
Joel David Moore .... Lucas Wan
Donnie Keshawarz .... Detective Hanson

Forever Trivia

On May 21, 2014, RadicalMedia sent a scathing letter to Warner Bros TV stating that their upcoming Forever TV show "sounds rather similar" to the 2003 best-selling novel by Pete Hamill with exactly the same title and also about an immortal living in New York City and "seeking an answer concerning his immortality." A Warner Brothers TV spokesperson immediately responded, "This claim is baseless."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Forever will premiere during the Fall 2014 TV season but the exact date has yet to be released.

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