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Flying High

Flying High Cast
Series Description

The Flying High TV show was a 60 minute adventure/comedy series on CBS about three beautiful stedardesses and the crew with whom they worked. The storylines concentrated on the ladie's love lives, their travel adventures, and the messes that they continually found themselves in.

Flying High Cast

Pat Klous ................. Marcy Bowers
Connie Sellecca ........... Lisa Benton
Kathryn Witt .............. Pam Bellagio
Ken Olfson ................ Raymond Strickman
Howard Platt .............. Captain Doug March

Flying High Trivia

There were five episodes of the Flying High TV show that were produced but did not air due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were: "Ladies of the Night", "Eye Opener", "The Challenges", "It Was Just One of Those Days", and "Fun Flight"..

Connie Sellecca went on to star on two more TV series, "The Greatest American Hero" and "Hotel". Before taking up acting, Connie worked as a lingerie model. She was well-known among her fellow actors and crews as being a diligent practical joker. Her ex-husband, "Gil Gerard" was the butt of her most common practical joke many times during their marriage. He would come home to find Connie on the floor, apparently dead, and surrounded by a huge pool of imitation blood! Connie did that so often that Gil started ranking how good she had done compared to previous attempts!

Connie wasn't the only one of the stars of the Flying High TV show who had worked as a model. In fact, all three young ladies had been models when hired for this show! They had all been working in New York City and none of them had any substantial acting experience!

Marcy, Lisa, and Pam were brand new stewardesses for Sun West Airlines who had just graduated from stewardess school. They were based out of Los Angeles, California. Young women could really identify with the girls because they were experiencing for the first time what many of those young women saw as a glamorous and romantic lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the Flying High TV show was stuck in a lousy time slot at 10:00PM on Friday nights. The main potential audience were mostly away from their televisions at that time! They were out looking for real-life glamor and romance for their own lives at that time! Another problem was that Flying High followed right after "The Incredible Hulk" which had very few young women in its audience.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Pilot Episode

Flying High (8/28/1978)

Flying High - The First and Only Season

  1. Fear of Cheesecake (9/29/1978)
  2. A Hairy Yak Plays (10/6/1978)
  3. The Marcy Connection (10/13/1978)
  4. The Great Escape (10/20/1978)
  5. In the Still of the Night (10/27/1978)
  6. The Vanishing Point (11/3/1978)
  7. Beautiful People (11/17/1978)
  8. High Rollers (11/24/1978)
  9. Palm Springs Weekend (12/1/1978)
  10. South by Southwest (12/8/1978)
  11. Brides and Grooms (12/15/1978)
  12. Swan Song for an Ugly Duckling (12/22/1978)
  13. Great Expectations (12/29/1978)

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