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The Flash

The Flash Cast

Series Description:

The Flash TV show was a 60 minute fantasy series on CBS about a police forensic scientist named Barry Allen whose laboratory is struck by lightning. The resulting damage threw Barry into a cabinet full of chemicals. The combination of the chemical mixture and the electricity from the lightning transformed Barry, giving him the ability to move at superhuman speed! He then uses his new powers to fight criminals and bring them to justice.

The Flash Cast

John Wesley Shipp ......... Barry Allen / The Flash
Amanda Pays ............... Christina McGee
Biff Manard ............... Officer Michael Frances Murphy
Vito D'Ambrosio ........... Officer Bellows
Alex Désert ............... Julio Mendez
Mike Genovese ............. Lieutenant Warren Garfield

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Flash (9/20/1990) (2-Hour Pilot)
  2. Out Of Control (9/27/1990)
  3. Watching The Detectives (10/18/1990)
  4. Honor Among Thieves (10/25/1990)
  5. Double Vision (11/1/1990)
  6. Sins Of The Father (11/8/1990)
  7. Child's Play (11/15/1990)
  8. Shroud Of Death (11/29/1990)
  9. Ghost In The Machine (12/13/1990)
  10. Sight Unseen (1/24/1991)
  11. Beat The Clock (1/31/1991)
  12. The Trickster (2/7/1991)
  13. Tina - Is That You? (2/14/1991)
  14. Be My Baby (2/21/1991)
  15. Fast Forward (2/27/1991)
  16. Deadly Nightshade (3/30/1991)
  17. Captain Cold (4/6/1991)
  18. Twin Streaks (4/13/1991)
  19. Done With Mirrors (4/27/1991)
  20. Goodnight, Central City (5/4/1991)
  21. Alpha (5/11/1991)
  22. Trial Of The Trickster (5/18/1991)

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