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Fired Up

Fired Up Cast


The Fired Up TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC.

Fired Up Cast

Sharon Lawrence .............. Gwen Leonard
Leah Remini .................. Terri Reynolds
Mark Feuerstein .............. Danny Reynolds
Jonathan Banks ............... Guy Mann
Francesca Roberts ............ Mrs. Francis

Episodes List With Original Air Dates


The First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (4/10/1997)
  2. The Next Day (4/17/1997)
  3. Who's The Boss (4/24/1997)
  4. They Sell Horses, Don't They? (5/1/1997)
  5. A Concurrent Affair (5/8/1997)
  6. The Rules (5/15/1997)
  7. Are We Not Friends? (5/15/1997)
  8. Under Pressure (6/23/1997)

The Second Season

  1. The Mother Of All Gwens (9/22/1997)
  2. Truth And Consequences (9/29/1997)
  3. You Don't Know Jack (10/6/1997)
  4. Swallow Your Bliss (10/13/1997)
  5. Total Recall (10/20/1997)
  6. Beat The Clock (10/27/1997)
  7. The Baby-Sitter's Club (11/10/1997)
  8. In Your Dreams (11/17/1997)
  9. Honey, I Shrunk The Turkey (11/24/1997)
  10. Ten Grand A Dance (12/1/1997)
  11. Where There's Smoke (12/22/1997)
  12. You Go Boss! (1/12/1998)
  13. Beauty And The Priests (1/19/1998)
  14. Mission: And A-Hopin' (1/26/1998)
  15. Fire And Nice (2/9/1998)

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