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Fastlane Cast

Series Description

The Fastlane TV show was a 60 minute crime action series on the FOX Network about two cops with totally different personalities who were forced to work undercover together in order to nab both street and kingpin criminals. They are able to enter the arena of the top echelon of criminals by using items kept in a huge secret warehouse that was called, "The Candy Store". It contained goodies that the police had confiscated from criminals such as expensive cars, name-brand clothing, and the latest and best in weaponry!

Fastlane Cast

Peter Facinelli .......... Van Ray
Bill Bellamy ............. Deaqon LaVelle Hayes
Tiffani Thiessen ......... Billie Chambers



There was another Fastlane TV show pilot produced to sell the series to FOX. That episode was not broadcast.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/18/2002)
  2. Girls Own Juice (9/25/2002)
  3. Gone Native (10/30/2002)
  4. Things Done Changed (11/6/2002)
  5. Ryde or Die (11/13/2002)
  6. Ray Ray (11/20/2002)
  7. Wet (11/27/2002)
  8. Mighty Blue (12/4/2002)
  9. Get Your Mack On (12/11/2002)
  10. Dogtown (1/10/2003)
  11. Strap On (1/17/2003)
  12. 101 (1/24/2003)
  13. Defense - Part 1 (1/31/2003)
  14. Offense - Part 2 (2/7/2003)
  15. Popdukes (2/14/2003)
  16. Slippery Slope (3/7/2003)
  17. Simone Says (3/14/2003)
  18. Monster (3/21/2003)
  19. Overkill (3/28/2003)
  20. Asslane (4/4/2003)
  21. Dosed - Part 1 (4/18/2003)
  22. Iced - Part 2 (4/25/2003)

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