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Falling Skies Cast
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Falling Skies is a 60 minute science fiction series on TNT where aliens have attacked Earth and sent humans into fearful hiding. Eventually after the meekest humans have been eliminated, a small number of groups of humans collect their resources and bring the fight back to the aliens. It's a pretty daunting task that lies before them but they are determined to get the planet back!

Falling Skies Cast

Maxim Knight .... Matt Mason (2011-)
Sarah Carter .... Margaret (2011-)
Noah Wyle .... Tom Mason (2011)
Drew Roy .... Hal Mason (2011)
Moon Bloodgood .... Anne Glass (2011)
Peter Shinkoda .... Dai (2011)
Seychelle Gabriel .... Lourdes (2011)
Will Patton .... Captain Weaver (2011)
Mpho Koaho .... Anthony (2011)
Colin Cunningham .... John Pope (2011)
Bruce Gray .... Uncle Scott (2011)
Connor Jessup .... Ben Mason (2011)
Daniyah Ysrayl .... Rick (2011-)
Brad Kelly .... Lyle (2012-)
Ryan Robbins .... Tector (2012-)
Luciana Carro .... Crazy Lee (2012-)
Dylan Authors .... Jimmy Boland (2011)
Brandon Jay McLaren .... Jamil Dexter (2012-)
Melissa Kramer .... Sarah (2011)
Jessy Schram .... Karen (2011-)

Falling Skies Trivia

The sound that the Skitters make on Falling Skies was developed by making minor alterations to the sound made by the Velociraptors in the 1993 movie, "Jurassic Park".

The predominant military group formed by the survivors is called the "2nd Massachusetts". That is the name of a real regiment that operated in both the American Revolutionary War and in the American Civil War.

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