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Espionage TV Show

Series Description

Espionage was a 60 minute anthology/spy/action series that was produced in the United Kingdom and aired on NBC in the United States. A different story was told each week but they all concentrated on some aspect of secret intelligence operations. There was no regular cast. Different actors appeared on each episode.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Espionage - The First And Only Season

  1. A Covenant With Death (10/2/1963)
  2. The Weakling (10/9/1963)
  3. The Incurable One (Pilot Episode) (10/16/1963)
  4. The Gentle Spies (10/23/1963)
  5. He Rises On Sunday And We On Monday (10/30/1963)
  6. To The Very End (11/6/1963)
  7. The Dragon Slayer (11/13/1963)
  8. The Whistling Shrimp (11/20/1963)
  9. The Light Of A Friendly Star (11/27/1963)
  10. A Tiny Drop Of Poison (12/4/1963)
  11. Festival Of Pawns (12/11/1963)
  12. A Camel To Ride, A Sheep To Eat (12/18/1963)
  13. Never Turn Your Back On A Friend (1/1/1964)
  14. Medal For A Turned Coat (1/15/1964)
  15. The Final Decision (1/22/1964)
  16. Do You Remember Leo Winters? (1/29/1964)
  17. We The Hunted (2/5/1964)
  18. The Frantic Rebel (2/12/1964)
  19. Castles In Spain (2/19/1964)
  20. Snow On Mount Kama (2/26/1964)
  21. Once A Spy ... (3/4/1964)
  22. The Liberators (3/11/1964)
  23. Some Other Kind Of World (3/18/1964)
  24. A Free Agent (3/25/1964)

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