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Eischied Cast

Series Description

The Eischied TV show was a crime/action series centering on the Chief of the New York City Police Department.



Joe Don Baker ............... Chief Of Police Earl Eischied
Alan Fudge .................. Deputy Commissioner Kimbrough
Alan Oppenheimer ........... Captain Finnerty
Eddie Egan .................. Chief Inspector Ed Parks
Vincent Bufano .............. Rick Alessi
Suzanne Lederer ............. Carol Wright

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Pilot TV Movies

To Kill A Cop - Part 1 (2 Hours) (8/27/1979)
To Kill A Cop - Part 2 (2 Hours) (8/29/1979)

The First And Only Season

  1. Only The Pretty Girls Die - Part 1 (9/21/1979)
  2. Only The Pretty Girls Die - Part 2 (9/28/1979)
  3. The U. N. Connection (10//1979)
  4. Angels Of Terror (10/19/1979)
  5. The Accused (10/26/1979)
  6. Do They Really Mean To Die? (11/8/1979)
  7. The Dancer (11/23/1979)
  8. Who Is The Missing Woman? (11/30/1979)
  9. Spanish Eight (12/7/1979)
  10. Friday's Child (12/14/1979)
  11. Fire For Hire (12/29/1979)
  12. Powder Burn (1/5/1979)
  13. Buddy System (1/12/1979)

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