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Duck Factory Cast
Series Description

The Duck Factory TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a young, inexperienced cartoonist with no self-confidence who created a cartoon TV show. There was a lot of silly comedy with goofy characters. The cartoonist was played by a (at the time) pretty much unknown Jim Carrey.

Duck Factory Cast

Jim Carrey .... Skip Tarkenton
Jack Gilford .... Brooks Carmichael
Don Messick .... Wally Wooster
Teresa Ganzel .... Sheree Winkler
Clarence Gilyard, Jr. .... Roland Culp
Julie Payne .... Aggie Aylesworth
Nancy Lane .... Andrea Lewin
Jay Tarses .... Marty Fenneman

Duck Factory Trivia

The cartoon show that Skip Tarkenton created was called, "The Dippy Duck Show".

In the first episode, the owner of the low budget studio that Skip worked for died and the Dippy Duck Show was almost canceled.

Jim Carrey realized that he wanted to be a comedy star at a very young age. At just 10-years-old, he mailed his resume to "The Carol Burnett Show".

Animators actually produced Dippy Duck cartoons that aired during the Duck Factory TV show episodes and some of them were pretty funny!

The Duck Factory TV show won two Emmys in 1984, one for "Outstanding Art Direction for a Series" on the pilot episode and another for "Outstanding Individual Achievement - Graphic Design and Title Sequences" on episode #2, "Filling Buddy's Shoes".

Although "Bosom Buddies" lasted a lot longer, it does have similarities to Duck Factory in that they were both mediocre to poor series that highlighted an extremely talented comedian who would go on to mega-stardom! The Duck Factory TV show launched Jim Carrey's career and Bosom Buddies launched Tom Hanks' career!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Duck Factory's First And Only Season

1... Goodbye Buddy, Hello Skip (Pilot Episode) (4/12/1984)
2... Filling Buddy's Shoes (4/19/1984)
3... The Annies (4/26/1984)
4... No Good Deed (5/3/1984)
5... The Way We Weren't (5/10/1984)
6... Can We Talk? (5/17/1984)
7... The Education Of Mrs. Winkler (5/24/1984)
8... Ordinary People, Too (6/6/1984)
9... It Didn't Happen One Night (6/13/1984)
10. The Duck Stops Here (6/20/1984)
11. The Children's Half Hour (6/27/1984)
12. You Always Love The One You Hurt (7/4/1984)
13. Call Me Responsible (7/11/1984)

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