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The Double Life Of Henry Phyfe

The Double Life Of Henry Phyfe Cast
Series Description

The Double Life Of Henry Phyfe TV show was a comedy series about a nerdy accountant named Henry Phyfe who happens to be identical in appearance to a U.S. spy who was killed. The agency didn't want to lose the counter-intelligence connections that the dead spy had spent years developing so they convinced Mr. Phyfe to take his place.


Red Buttons ............... Henry Wadsworth Phyfe
Fred Clark ................ Gerald B. Hannahan
Zeme North ................ Judy Kimball
Marge Redmond ............. Mrs. Florence Kimball
Parley Baer ............... Mr. Hamble

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Phyfe And A Filly (1/13/1966)
  2. Phyfe On A Ferry (1/20/1966)
  3. Whatever Happened To Yesterday (1/27/1966)
  4. Phyfe And The Models (2/3/1966)
  5. The Reluctant Lover (2/10/1966)
  6. Phyfe's First Felony (2/17/1966)
  7. The Unfriendly Persuasion (2/24/1966)
  8. Phyfe And The Code Book (3/3/1966)
  9. The Old Flame (3/10/1966)
  10. Operation Henry Phyfe (3/17/1966)
  11. Visit To Washington (3/24/1966)
  12. Phyfe Takes A Wife (3/31/1966)
  13. Jailbird Phyfe (4/7/1966)
  14. Spend A Million Phyfe (4/14/1966)
  15. A Shot In The Dark (4/21/1966)
  16. Phyfe Goes Skiing (4/28/1966)
  17. Will The Real U-31 Try To Stand Up? (5/5/1966)

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