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Do No Harm Cast
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Do No Harm was a 60 minute thrilling drama series with a smattering of horror on NBC about a dedicated, successful neurosurgeon who turned into a sexually deviant psychopathic predator who was addicted to drugs every night at nine o'clock. Dr. Jason Cole's body belonged to a madman named Ian Price all night every night until seven in the morning and there was nothing he could do about it!

Do No Harm Cast

Steven Pasquale .... Doctor Jason Cole / Ian Price
Alana de la Garza .... Doctor Lena Solis
Ruta Gedmintas .... Olivia Flynn
Phylicia Rashad .... Doctor Vanessa Young
Mousa Kraish .... Doctor Eli Malak
Michael Esper .... Doctor Kenneth Jordan

Do No Harm Trivia

Doctor Cole was able to keep his evil alter ego under control for five years due to a drug developed by a co-worker but then, somehow, Ian Price developed an immunity to the drug and Doctor Cole faced the horror of what his other self might do overnight, every night! There were two episodes of Do No Harm that were produced but not broadcast due to cancellation of the series after only two weeks on the air. Their titles were: "Me Likey" and "A Stand-In".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

TV Pilots

  1. First Pilot (1/31/2013)
  2. Don't Answer The Phone (2/7/2013)
Season 1
  1. Morning, Sunshine (6/29/2013)
  2. Me Likey (7/6/2013)
  3. A Stand-In (7/20/2013)
  4. I Can't Keep Your Secret (7/27/2013)
  5. Six Feet Deep (8/3/2013)
  6. The Cookie Jar (8/10/2013)
  7. Circadian Rhythms (8/17/2013)
  8. Mine (8/24/2013)
  9. But I'm Allergic to Cats (8/31/2013)
  10. You Made Me Do This (8/31/2013)
  11. This Is How It Ends (Series Finale) (9/7/2013)

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