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Dog And Cat

Dog And Cat Cast
Series Description

The Dog And Cat TV show was a police drama series about a veteran detective and his beautiful rookie female partner working together in Los Angeles, California. They became very close friends (not romantically) and worked together well and successfully. By the way, "Dog And Cat" is police slang for a Male-Female police team.


Lou Antonio ............. Detective Sergeant Jack Ramsey
Kim Basinger ............ Officer J.Z. Kane
Matt Clark .............. Lieutenant Arthur Kipling

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Pilot Episode

Dog And Cat (90 Minute Special) (Airdate Unknown)

The First And Only Season

  1. Dead Dog And Cat (3/12/1977)
  2. Live Bait (3/19/1977)
  3. A Duck Is A Duck (4/9/1977)
  4. Brother Death (4/16/1977)
  5. Dead Skunk (4/23/1977)
  6. Yesterday's Woman (5/14/1977)

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