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Dog With a Blog TV Show

Dog With a Blog Cast

Series Description


The Dog With a Blog TV show is a 30 minute kids comedy series on the Disney Channel about step-siblings named Avery, Tyler and Chloe who are not getting along well at all so their parents purchase a dog in hopes that the pet will bring them closer together. When the kids learn that their new pet has human intelligence, can talk and is writing a blog about the events in their household, they decide to keep it their secret.

Dog With a Blog Cast

G. Hannelius .... Avery Jennings
Blake Michael .... Tyler James
Francesca Capaldi .... Chloe James
Regan Burns .... Bennett James
Beth Littleford .... Ellen Jennings
Stephen Full .... Stan the Dog (Voice)

Dog With a Blog Trivia

The web address of Stan's blog is "seestanblog(dot)com".

For the first five episodes, Stan was played by a dog named Kuma. After that, a new dog named Mick played the role.

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