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Dinotopia Cast
Series Description

Dinotopia was a 60 minute fantasy miniseries on ABC about two brothers who became marooned in a land where dinosaurs and people lived together peacefully.

Dinotopia Cast

Erik von Detten ......... Karl Scott
Shiloh Strong ........... David Scott
Michael Brandon ......... Frank Scott
Georgina Rylance ........ Marion Waldo
Jonathan Hyde ........... Mayor Waldo
Sophie Ward ............. Rosemary
Lisa Zane ............... Le Sage

Dinotopia Trivia

Dinotopia actually began as a 3-part miniseries in May of 2002. Then in November of 2002, 6 episodes aired as a TV series.

There were an additional seven episodes of Dinotopia produced that never aired in the United States. There titles are: "Night of Wartosa", "LeSage", "Car Wars", "Lost and Found", "The Cure - Part 1", "The Cure - Part 2", and "Crossroads".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Dinotopia - The Mini-Series

Part 1 (5/12/2002)
Part 2 (5/13/2002)
Part 3 (5/14/2002)

Dinotopia - The First And Only Season

  1. Marooned (11/28/2002)
  2. Making Good (11/28/2002)
  3. Handful of Dust (12/5/2002)
  4. Contact (12/12/2002)
  5. The Matriarch (12/19/2002)
  6. Big Fight (12/26/2002)

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