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Destination Truth

Destination Truth Cast

Series Description


Destination Truth is a 60 minute fantasy series on Syfy about the worldwide travels of Josh Gates as he investigates sightings of "monsters" that are generally unseen or of a supernatural nature. He asks the right questions of witnesses and analyzes any evidence they might have in their possession. Then Josh sends that evidence to laboratories or experts in their fields for analysis. Do you believe that Big Foot is real? What about ghosts? Tune in to see what Josh learns about these and other legends.

Destination Truth Cast

Josh Gates .................... Lead Investigator (2007-)
Gabriel Copeland .............. Cameraman (2008-2011)
Mike Morrell .................. Audio Technician (2009-2010)
Erin Ryder .................... Co-Executive Producer (2008-2011)
Rex Williams .................. Medic (2009-2011)
Evan B. Stone ................. Cameraman (2009-2010)
Bobby Pura .................... Case Manager (2010)
Vanessa Joy Smith ............. Tech Manager (2010)
Casey Brumels ................. Co-Executive Producer (2008)
Jael De Pardo ................. Researcher (2009-2011)
Mike Dee ...................... Zoologist (2007-2011)
Jerry Bishop .................. Announcer (2007-2008)

Destination Truth Trivia

You might notice that the cast list above includes Producers, cameramen and other crew members. This is because those participants also take part in the actual investigations and therefore work both behind the camera as usual and also in front of the camera.

Destination Truth works really hard at ensuring that you will return to the show after commercial breaks. Something potentially exciting tends to happen right before a break like someone hearing a strange noise or something. That entices the audience into staying tuned in so they can find out what happened after the commercials have ended.

At the end of each investigation, Josh gives his opinion as to whether there's nothing more than myth to the existence of the monster or whether the evidence he and his team have collected seems to support the claim of existence.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

  1. Iguanodon and R.I. Mermaid (6/6/2007)
  2. Thia Haunting and Naga (6/13/2007)
  3. Ropen and El Chupacabra (6/20/2007)
  4. Big Foot and Nahuelito (6/27/2007)
  5. Mamlambo and Tokeloshe (7/11/2007)
  6. Lobizon and Pombero (7/18/2007)

The Second Season

  1. The Yeti (3/5/2008)
  2. Haunted Island & Devil Worm (3/12/2008)
  3. Wild Man & Swamp Dinosaur (3/19/2008)
  4. Sea Monster & Bat Demon (3/26/2008)
  5. Flying Dinosaur & Sloth Monster (4/2/2008)
  6. Giant Anaconda (4/9/2008)
  7. Yowie & Haunted Mosque (9/3/2008)
  8. Orang Pendek & Worm Monster (9/10/2008)
  9. Haunted Cave/Burrunjor (9/17/2008)
  10. Ahool/Pinatubo Monster (9/24/2008)
  11. Haunted Forest/Aswang (10/1/2008)
  12. Issie/Icelandic Elves (10/8/2008)
  13. Ninki Nanka/Kikiyaon (10/15/2008)

The Third Season

  1. Haunted Forest/Alux (9/9/2009)
  2. Island of the Dolls/Lusca (9/16/2009)
  3. King Tut's Curse/Swamp Ape (9/23/2009)
  4. Ghosts of Chernobyl/Sal'awa (9/30/2009)
  5. Alien Mummies/Van Lake Monster (10/7/2009)
  6. Chullachaqui/Bermuda Triangle (10/14/2009)
  7. Haunted Lost City/Thunderbird (10/21/2009)
  8. Werewolf/Arica Monster (10/28/2009)
  9. The Bhutan Yeti (11/4/2009)
  10. Ghosts of Masada/The Leprechaun (3/17/2010)
  11. Ghosts of the Great Wall/Israeli Mermaid (3/24/2010)
  12. The Jersey Devil/The Yeren (3/31/2010)
  13. Haunted Mining Town/Taniwha (4/7/2010)
  14. Ghosts of Petra/The Lizard Man (4/14/2010)
  15. Spirits of Easter Island/The Moa (4/21/2010)

The Fourth Season

  1. Poltergeists of Pompeii/Nandi Beast (9/9/2010)
  2. Spirits of Angkor Wat/Canadian Lake Monster (9/16/2010)
  3. Ghosts Of Haboro/mngwa (9/23/2010)
  4. Ghost Fleet/Japanese River Monster (9/30/2010)
  5. Siberian Snowman (10/7/2010)
  6. Ghosts of Menengai Crater/Kalanoro (10/14/2010)
  7. Nan Madol Ruins/Moroccan Succubus (10/21/2010)
  8. Guam Zombies/Fangalobolo (10/28/2010)
  9. Live From Ireland: The Search For The Banshee Ghost (240 Minutes) (3/17/2011)
  10. Haunted Island Prison/Ucumar (3/22/2011)
  11. Sandstorm Spirits/Cerro Azul Monster (3/29/2011)
  12. Jungle Temple Ghosts/Namibian Night Stalker (4/5/2011)
  13. Thai Tree People/Aiya Napa Monster (4/12/2011)
  14. Ghosts of Antarctica (4/19/2011)

The Fifth Season

  1. Vietnam's Bigfoot (7/10/2012)
  2. Return to the Haunted Forest/Belize Goblin (7/10/2012)
  3. Ghosts of Cannibal Village/Kapre (7/17/2012)
  4. Alien Invaders/Swedish Lake Monster (7/24/2012)
  5. Spirits of Tikal/Creature from the Black Lagoon (7/31/2012)
  6. Vampire Monsters/Island Of The Damned (8/7/2012)
  7. Hanging Coffins/Kazakh Monster (8/14/2012)

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