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Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal Cast

Series Description

Deal or No Deal was a Game Show series on NBC from December of 2005 through May of 2009 where contestants chose one briefcase out of 26 that all contained cash. The amounts of cash in each briefcase varied from one cent to one million dollars! After choosing their case, contestants then had to choose cases to eliminate from the game out of the remaining 25 cases. The amount of each case eliminated would be disclosed and then the banker would offer the contestant an amount of money to stop the game. The amount offered would depend upon what amounts of money were left in the remaining cases. When higher amounts had been eliminated, the offer from the banker would go down. The contestant would then consider the offer and either say "Deal!" and take the offer or "No Deal!" and choose additional cases to eliminate. If the game lasted until only two cases remained, the contestant could choose to either keep the one they originally chose or they could exchange it for the other case. One some special episodes, the amounts in the cases were increased or special prizes were offered in order to get the contestant to stop the game.

Deal or No Deal Cast


Howie Mandel ................ Host (2005-2009)
Bill Palmer ................. The Banker (2006)
Peter Abbay ................. The Banker (2007)
Joe Cipriano ................ Announcer (2005-2007)

Briefcase Models With 10 Appearances or More:

Patricia Kara (2005-2009)
Marisa Petroro (2005-2009)
Ursula Mayes (2005-2009)
Anya Monzikova (2005-2008)
Katie Cleary (2005-2008)
Megan Abrigo (2005-2007)
Jessica Hall (2007-2009)
Tameka Jacobs (2005-2007)
Jasmine Dustin (2006-2007)
Donna Feldman (2006-2007)
Kimberly Estrada (2005-2007)
Brooke Long (2006-2007)
Kristen Brockman (2006)
Jenilee Reyes (2006)
Hayley Marie Norman (2006-2007)
Aubrie Lemon (2005-2007)
Kelly Brannigan (2006-2007)
Lisa Gleave (2007)
Mariela Arteaga (2008-2009)
Laura Shields (2005-2007)
Jacquelynn King (2006)
Leyla Milani (2007)
Claudia Jordan (2007)
Lindsay Schoneweis (2007)
Pilar M. Lastra (2007)

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