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Dark Skies

Dark Skies Cast
Series Description

The Dark Skies TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series on NBC about the U.S. government's hiding the existence of Aliens on Earth from the public. John Loengard and Kim Sayers try to stop the evil activities of the Alien Hive. They also have to avoid "Majestic 12", an undercover government agency, from capturing and silencing them.

Dark Skies Cast

Eric Close .............. John Loengard
Megan Ward .............. Kimberly Sayers
Tim Kelleher ............ Jim Steele
J.T. Walsh .............. Frank Bach
Conor O'Farrell ......... Phil Albano
Jack Lindine ............ Jack Ruby
Charley Lang ............ Dr. Halligan
Jeri Ryan ............... Juliet Stuart

Dark Skies Opening Narrative

"My name is Jon Loengard. I am recording this because we may not live through the night. They're here. They're hostile. And powerful people don't want you to know. History as we know it, is a lie!"

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Awakening - Part 1 (9/21/1996)
  2. The Awakening - Part 2 (9/21/1996)
  3. Moving Targets (9/28/1996)
  4. Mercury Rising (10/19/1996)
  5. Dark Days Night (10/26/1996)
  6. Dreamland (11/2/1996)
  7. Inhuman Nature (11/9/1996)
  8. Ancient Future (11/16/1996)
  9. Hostile Convergence (12/7/1996)
  10. We Shall Overcome (12/14/1996)
  11. The Last Wave (1/4/1997)
  12. The Enemy Within (1/11/1997)
  13. The Warren Omission (1/18/1997)
  14. White Rabbit (2/1/1997)
  15. Shades Of Gray (2/8/1997)
  16. Burn Baby, Burn (3/1/1997)
  17. Both Sides Now (3/8/1997)
  18. To Prey In Darkness (3/15/1997)
  19. Strangers In The Night (5/24/1997)
  20. Bloodlines (5/31/1997)

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