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The Dan Raven TV show was a 60 minute police action series on NBC about a police detective and lieutenant who along with a magazine photographer worked together to prevent crime on the exciting Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California.

Dan Raven Cast

Skip Homeier .... Lieutenant Dan Raven
Dan Barton .... Detective Sergeant Burke
Quinn Redeker .... Perry Levitt

Dan Raven Trivia

Since Dan Raven was set on Hollywood's Sunset Strip, it was a perfect venue for night club types as guest stars. Singers Mel Torme, Paul Anka and Bobby Darin each guest-starred on Dan Raven as did comedians Buddy Hackett and Marty Ingels and Paul Winchell with his ventriliquist dummy "Jerry Mahoney". Oh yeah, let's not forget Gavin MacLeod who is best known for his role as "Captain Merrill Stubing" on "The Love Boat".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season
  1. The High Cost of Fame (9/23/1960)
  2. The Mechanic (9/30/1960)
  3. The Trade (10/7/1960)
  4. Penny (10/21/1960)
  5. The Empty Frame (10/28/1960)
  6. The Night Is Numbered (11/4/1960)
  7. Japanese Sandbag (11/11/1960)
  8. The Satchel Man (11/11/1960)
  9. The Junket (11/18/1960)
  10. Man on the Ledge (11/25/1960)
  11. Amateur Night (12/2/1960)
  12. Tinge of Red (12/16/1960)
  13. Buy a Nightmare (12/29/1960)

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