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Dallas TV Series 2012

Dallas Cast

Series Description


This 2012 version of the Dallas TV series is a 60 minute drama series on TNT that moves decades into the future to continue the story of the Ewing oil empire from where it left off in the hit 1978-1991 Dallas series. The power struggle over the direction of Southfork and it's business tactics continues but is now primarily fought between the sons of the original Ewing brothers. The relationships between J.R., Bobby and their sons is also featured predominantly in early episodes. Everything old is new again!

Dallas Cast

Josh Henderson ..... John Ross Ewing
Larry Hagman ....... J.R. Ewing
Patrick Duffy ...... Bobby Ewing
Linda Gray ......... Sue Ellen Ewing
Jesse Metcalfe ..... Christopher Ewing
Jordana Brewster ... Elena Ramos
Julie Gonzalo ...... Rebecca Sutter
Brenda Strong ...... Ann Ewing

Dallas Trivia

It was wonderful for fans to see Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray back in their beloved roles from the original series! Unfortunately, Larry Hagman passed away of acute myeloid leukemia on November 23, 2012. Both Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray who had been best friends with Hagman for decades were at his bedside when he passed. On the bright side, Hagman lived a long life of 81 years and worked at the craft he loved until his final days. Hagman had a long career dating back to 1957. His acting abilities were without question as he played the despicable J.R. Ewing while being known as one of the kindest, most beloved men in show business. In addition to his role as J.R. and his numerous other roles on TV and in the movies, Hagman was also well known for his role as astronaut Captain/Major Anthony Nelson on the series, "I Dream of Jeannie".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

  1. Changing of the Guard (75 Minutes) (6/13/2012)
  2. Hedging Your Bets (6/13/2012)
  3. The Price You Pay (6/20/2012)
  4. The Last Hurrah (6/27/2012)
  5. Truth and Consequences (7/4/2012)
  6. The Enemy of My Enemy (7/11/2012)
  7. Collateral Damage (7/18/2012)
  8. No Good Deed (7/25/2012)
  9. Family Business (8/1/2012)
  10. Revelations (8/8/2012)

The Second Season

  1. Battle Lines (1/28/2013)
  2. Venomous Creatures (1/28/2013)
  3. Sins of the Father (2/4/2013)
  4. False Confessions (2/11/2013)
  5. Trial and Error (2/18/2013)
  6. Blame Game (2/25/2013)
  7. The Furious and the Fast (3/4/2013)
  8. J.R.'s Masterpiece (3/11/2013)
  9. Ewings Unite! (3/18/2013)
  10. Guilt & Innocence (3/25/2013)
  11. Let Me In (4/1/2013)
  12. A Call to Arms (4/8/2013)
  13. Love & Family (4/8/2013)
  14. Guilt By Association (4/15/2013)
  15. Legacies (4/15/2013)

The Third Season

  1. The Return (2/24/2014)
  2. Trust Me (3/3/2014)
  3. Playing Chicken (3/10/2014)
  4. Lifting the Veil (3/17/2014)
  5. D.T.R. (3/24/2014)
  6. Like Father, Like Son (3/31/2014)
  7. Like a Bad Penny (4/7/2014)
  8. Where There's Smoke (4/14/2014)
  9. Dallas will return on August 18, 2014 for eight more episodes of season three!

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