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The D.A.

The D.A. Cast

Series Description

The D.A. TV show was a 30 minute crime drama series on NBC where the District Attorney's office would investigate a crime at the beginning of each episode and then prosecute the criminal in the courtroom.

The D.A. Cast

Robert Conrad ............. Deputy D.A. Paul Ryan
Harry Morgan .............. H.M. "Staff" Stafford
Julie Cobb ................ Public Defender Katherine Benson
Ned Romero ................ D.A. Investigator Bob Ramirez

The D.A. Trivia


When The D.A. TV show was canceled, its time slot was taken over by "Sanford and Son".

The D.A. is often compared to "Law and Order". One big difference though is that Deputy D.A. Ryan would speak to the audience during the show (as a voiceover) to explain legal and courtroom terminology and procedures to the viewers!

The D.A. aired on Friday nights from 8:00 to 8:30 PM. One of the reasons it may not have lasted too long is that "The Brady Bunch" was on ABC at the same time!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates


The D.A.: Murder One (12/6/1969)
The D.A.: Conspiracy to Kill (1/8/1971)

The First And Only Season

  1. The People vs. Drake (9/17/1971)
  2. The People vs. Hendry (9/24/1971)
  3. The People vs. Gayda (10/1/1971)
  4. The People vs. Saydo (10/8/1971)
  5. The People vs. Edwards (10/15/1971)
  6. The People vs. Slovik (10/22/1971)
  7. The People vs. Lindsey (11/5/1971)
  8. The People vs. Barrington (11/12/1971)
  9. The People vs. Swammerdam (11/19/1971)
  10. The People vs. Fowler (11/26/1971)
  11. The People vs. Howard (12/3/1971)
  12. The People vs. Nelson (12/10/1971)
  13. The People vs. Whitehead (12/17/1971)
  14. The People vs. Walsh (12/24/1971)
  15. The People vs. Boley (1/7/1972)

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