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Cristela TV Show

Cristela Cast

Series Description

The Cristela TV show is a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a Mexican-American female law school graduate whose family doesn't always support her after she takes a job as an unpaid intern with a prestigious law firm. Some see her as a freeloader who lives off family members. They feel she should get a "real" job but Cristela wants to be more than a secretary or a lawyer at a struggling firm. Her working class family doesn't want to let go of the old ways where a woman is lucky to be allowed to work, much less to go for the gold but Cristela won't let anything stop her!

Cristela Cast

Cristela Alonzo .... Cristela
Andrew Leeds .... Josh
Carlos Ponce .... Felix
Terri Hoyos .... Natalia
Sarah Halford .... Maddie
Sam McMurray .... Trent
Roxana Ortega .... Daniela

Cristela Trivia

Cristela Alonzo is a stand-up comedienne who created this series along with Kevin Hench, Becky Clements, Marty Adelstein, and Shawn Levy. She's the star and executive producer. Perhaps her character's desire to get ahead reflects her real-life ambition? It sure sounds like it!

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