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Court Martial

Court Martial Cast

Series Description

The Court Martial TV show was a 60 minute British military law/drama series on ABC about the Judge Advocate General's office investigations of military cases throughout Europe and their conclusions in the courtroom.

Court Martial Cast


Peter Graves .............. Major Frank Whittaker
Bradford Dillman .......... Captain David Young
Kenneth J. Warren ......... Master Sergeant John MacCaskey
Angela Browne ............. Sergeant Yolanda Perkins
Diane Clare ............... Sergeant Wendy

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Silence is the Enemy (4/8/1966)
  2. Taps for the Sergeant (4/15/1966)
  3. The House Where He Lived (4/29/1966)
  4. Let No Man Speak (5/6/1966)
  5. Savior of Vladik (5/13/1966)
  6. All Roads Lead to Callaghan (5/20/1966)
  7. The Logistics of Survival (5/27/1966)
  8. Judge Them Gently (6/3/1966)
  9. La Belle France (6/10/1966)
  10. All is a Dream to Me (6/17/1966)
  11. Without Spear or Sword (6/24/1966)
  12. Retreat from Life (7/1/1966)
  13. How Ethical Can You Be? (7/8/1966)
  14. Let Slip the Dogs of War (7/15/1966)
  15. Where There Was No Echo (7/22/1966)
  16. The Bitter Wind (7/29/1966)
  17. The Liberators (8/12/1966)
  18. Redress of Wrongs (8/19/1966)
  19. Achilles' Heel (8/26/1966)
  20. Flight of a Tiger (9/2/1966)

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