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Conan The Adventurer

Conan The Adventurer Cast


The Conan the Adventurer TV show was a 60 minute fantasy series that aired in syndication.

Conan The Adventurer Cast

Ralf Moeller .............. Conan of Cimmeria
Jeremy Kemp ............... Hissah Zul
Danny Woodburn ............ Otli
Robert McRay .............. Zzeben
Aly Dunne ................. Karela
T.J. Storm ................ Bayu (Episodes 4-21)
Andrew Craig .............. Vulkar(Episodes 1-3, 22)

Opening Narrative

"After the oceans swallowed Atlantis and before recorded history, there was an age with mythical kingdoms spread across an uncharted world. This was the age of Conan. Enslaved as a boy, Conan grew into a warrior. He escaped to encounter mystery magic and myth. While forever facing the ultimate master of sorcery. Robber. Friend. Hero. His destiny was to free the oppressed and become a king by his own hand. CONAN."

Conan the Adventurer Trivia

Ralf Moeller played the tough, rugged Conan on this series because (it seemed) he had spent much of his life preparing for the role. He had previously been a professional swimmer, a champion boxer, a body-building champion in Germany, and a Mr. Universe!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Heart Of The Elephant - Part 1 (9/27/1997)
  2. The Heart Of The Elephant - Part 2 (9/27/1997)
  3. Lair Of The Beast-Men (10/5/1997)
  4. Heir Apparent (10/12/1997)
  5. The Siege Of Ahl Sohn-Bar (10/19/1997)
  6. A Friend In Need (10/26/1997)
  7. The Ruby Fruit Forest (11/2/1997)
  8. Three Virgins (11/9/1997)
  9. Ransom (11/16/1997)
  10. The Curse Of Afka (11/23/1997)
  11. Imposter (11/30/1997)
  12. Amazon Woman (12/5/1997)
  13. Homecoming (1/23/1998)
  14. The Taming (1/30/1998)
  15. Red Sonja (2/6/1998)
  16. Shadows Of Death (2/13/1998)
  17. The Child (2/20/1998)
  18. The Crystal Arrow (2/27/1998)
  19. Labyrinth (4/26/1998)
  20. The Cavern (5/3/1998)
  21. Antidote (5/10/1998)
  22. Lethal Wizards (5/17/1998)
  23. Heir Apparent (5/24/1998)

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