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The Collaborators

Series Description

The Collaborators TV show was a crime drama series from Canada about forensic scientists who used advanced scientific methods to gather evidence and solve crimes.

The Collaborators Cast

Paul Harding .............. Doctor Charles Erickson
Michael Kane .............. Detective Sergeant Jim Brewer
Donald Pilon .............. Detective Sergeant Richard Tremblay
Toby Tarnow ............... Liz Roman
Lawrence Benedict ......... Detective Quinn
Leslie Carlson ............ Detective Kaminski

Episodes List With Original Air Dates


The Pilot Episode

A Matter Of Fact (Airdate Unknown)

Season 1

  1. Luck ... Without It You're Nowhere (12/16/1973)
  2. Four Into Three Won't Go (12/23/1973)
  3. Tell Them What You Know (12/30/1973)
  4. All My Love Jennie (1/6/1974)
  5. Winner Lose All (1/13/1974)
  6. Beyond All Reasonable Doubt (1/20/1974)
  7. Whatever Happened To Candy (1/27/1974)
  8. The Contract (2/10/1974)
  9. Night Into Mourning (2/17/1974)

Season 2

  1. Kiss The World Goodbye (9/29/1974)
  2. A Little Something For The Old Age (10/6/1974)
  3. Fifteen Below And Falling (10/13/1974)
  4. When A Man Is Down (10/20/1974)
  5. Dreams And Things (10/27/1974)
  6. Dark Children (11/3/1974)
  7. Once Upon A Time In Genarro (11/10/1974)
  8. A Nice Girl Like You (11/17/1974)
  9. Dee Dee (11/24/1974)
  10. Undercover (12/1/1974)

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