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Cleopatra 2525

Cleopatra 2525 Cast

Series Description

The Cleopatra 2525 TV show was a sci-fi series that was filmed in New Zealand and aired in sydication. The episodes were 30 minutes long during the first season and one-hour long during season two. In a world where evil flying robots with advanced weapons have driven humans underground, three women battle to repel the robots and save humanity. Two of the women are warriors and the thirds is an exotic dancer who was cryongenically frozen in 2001 and then thawed back to life in the year 2525.

Cleopatra 2525 Cast

Jennifer Sky ................... Cleopatra "Cleo"
Gina Torres .................... Helen "Hel" Carter
Victoria Pratt ................. Rose "Sarge"
Danielle Cormack ............... Rayna
Patrick Kake ................... Mauser
Elizabeth Hawthorne ............ Voice
Joel Tobeck .................... Creegan

Opening Narrative

"500 years into the future she will enter a world where machines rule the earth. Mankind has been driven underground. And Cleopatra is about to discover...there's no place like home."

Cleopatra 2525 Theme Song

Remix of Zager and Evans' 1969 hit, "In the Year 2525" (altered lyrics)

In the year 2525
There are women with the will to survive
Fighting for a brand new day
Nothing's gonna get in their way.

In the year 2525
Three women keep hope alive
Joining forces to reclaim the Earth
Looking ahead to humankind's rebirth.

Cleopatra 2525 Trivia

The robots were creatures known as the Bailies.

Gina Torres who played Hel Carter on Cleopatra 2525 also appeared on "Xena Warrior Princess" as the real-life historical character "Cleopatra" in the third season episode titled, "The King of Assassins".

In another connection with "Xena", Lucy Lawless provided the voice in the pilot episode but couldn't continue in the series due to another commitment. Elizabeth Hawthorne took over the role. The pilot episode did eventually air as the fifth episode titled, "Home" but Lucy's voice was recorded over by Elizabeth in order to keep it consistent.

Cleopatra 2525 was lengthened from 30 minutes per episode in the first season to 60 minutes in the second in order to fill the time slot left vacant when "Jack of All Trades" was not renewed for a second season.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates


Season 1

  1. Quest For Firepower (1/17/2000)
  2. Creegan (1/24/2000)
  3. Flying Lessons (1/31/2000)
  4. Mind Games (2/7/2000)
  5. Home (Pilot Episode) (2/14/2000)
  6. Rescue (2/21/2000)
  7. Run Cleo Run (3/6/2000)
  8. Choices (3/13/2000)
  9. Perceptions (4/3/2000)
  10. Trial And Error (4/17/2000)
  11. Double (4/24/2000)
  12. Last Stand (5/1/2000)
  13. Hel & Highwater - Part 1 (5/8/2000)
  14. Hel & Highwater - Part 2 (5/15/2000)
  15. The Watch (10/2/2000)
  16. Baby Boom (10/9/2000)
  17. Brain Drain (10/23/2000)
  18. Mauser's Day Out (10/30/2000)
  19. Reality Check (11/6/2000)
  20. Pod Whisperer (11/13/2000)
  21. Out Of Body (11/20/2000)
  22. Juggernaut Down (11/27/2000)

Season 2

  1. Truth Be Told (1/29/2001)
  2. In Your Boots (2/5/2001)
  3. The Soldier Who Fell From Grace (2/12/2001)
  4. No Thanks For The Memories (2/19/2001)
  5. Noir Or Never (2/26/2001)
  6. The Voice (3/5/2001)

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