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Clash of the Choirs Reality Show

Clash of the Choirs Reality Show Cast

Series Description

Clash of the Choirs was a 60 minute competitive reality TV show on NBC about five famed singers who brought amateur choirs composed of 20 singers each from their hometowns to compete against each other.

Clash of the Choirs Cast

Maria Menounos .............. Host
Nick Lachey ................. Winning Celebrity
Patti LaBelle ............... 2nd Place
Blake Shelton ............... 3rd Place
Michael Bolton .............. 4th Place
Kelly Rowland ............... 5th Place

Clash of the Choirs Trivia


Nick Lachey's winning choir received a prize of $250,000 for their charity. All of the other choirs each received $50,000.

Clash of the Choirs did amazingly well in the ratings due to the fact that it was broadcast the week before Christmas when most episodic series were airing reruns and due to a writer's stike, most shows that would normally have been airing new episodes weren't able to do so.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. 101 (12/17/2007)
  2. 102 (12/18/2007)
  3. 103 (12/19/2007)
  4. 104 (12/20/2007)

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