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Chicago Fire TV Show

Chicago Fire Cast

Series Description


The Chicago Fire TV show is a 60 minute action series on NBC that follows the lives of the Chicago Fire Department's paramedics and firefighters both on and off the job.

Chicago Fire Cast

Jesse Spencer .................... Lieutenant Matthew Casey
Taylor Kinney .................... Lieutenant Kelly Severide
Charlie Barnett .................. Firefighter Peter Mills
Monica Raymund ................... Paramedic Gabriela Dawson
Teri Reeves ...................... Doctor Hallie Casey
Lauren German .................... Paramedic Leslie Shay
Eamonn Walker .................... 25th Battalion Chief Wallace Boden
Merle Dandridge .................. Chief Lynn Fitori
David Eigenberg .................. Firefighter Christopher Herrmann

Chicago Fire Trivia

The firefighter and paramedics on the TV show specifically work out of the firehouse of Engine 55, Truck 81, Squad 3, Medic 61, and Battalion 25.

David Eigenberg and Taylor Kinney had previously worked together on the 2011 movie, "Five."

The Mayor of Chicago at the time the pilot was filmed was Rahm Emanuel who was previously the Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama. Emanuel agreed to appear in the Chicago Fire pilot only after the producers agreed to make a donation to the Firefighters' Widows and Orphans Fund.

The breathing apparautus the the cast wears on Chicago Fire are "Scott 4.5 Air-Pak 75s". They are top of the line and well known for their reliability, ease of use and durability. The ones used on the show however have been modified so that the actor's voices can be better heard, their faces can be better seen and so that the face masks won't fog up.

Jesse Spencer played the roles of "Billy Kennedy" on the Australian TV series, "Neighbours" and "Robert Chase" on the series, "House, M.D.". Both of those characters had fathers and brothers who were all doctors. In real life, Jesse's father and brothers are also all doctors!

Taylor Kinney has a girlfriend you've probably heard of. Her name is "Lady Gaga"! He met her while working on her music video for "You and I".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (10/10/2012)
  2. Mon Amour (10/17/2012)
  3. Professional Courtesy (10/24/2012)
  4. One Minute (10/31/2012)
  5. Hanging On (11/7/2012)
  6. Rear View Mirror (11/14/2012)
  7. Two Families (11/21/2012)
  8. Leaving The Station (12/5/2012)
  9. It Ain't Easy (12/12/2012)
  10. Merry Christmas, Etc. (12/19/2012)
  11. God Has Spoken (1/2/2013)
  12. Under The Knife (1/9/2013)
  13. Warm and Dead (1/30/2013)
  14. A Little Taste (2/6/2013)
  15. Nazdarovya! (2/13/2013)
  16. Viral (2/20/2013)
  17. Better To Lie (2/27/2013)
  18. Fireworks (3/20/2013)
  19. A Coffin That Small (3/27/2013)
  20. Ambition (4/3/2013)
  21. Retaliation Hit (5/1/2013)
  22. Leaders Lead (5/8/2013)
  23. Let Her Go (5/15/2013)
  24. A Hell of a Ride (5/22/2013)

Season 2

  1. A Problem House (9/24/2013)
  2. Prove It (10/1/2013)
  3. Defcon 1 (10/8/2013)
  4. A Nuisance Call (10/15/2013)
  5. A Power Move (10/22/2013)
  6. Joyriding (11/12/2013)
  7. No Regrets (11/19/2013)
  8. Rhymes With Shout (11/26/2013)
  9. You Will Hurt Him (12/3/2013)
  10. Not Like This (12/10/2013)
  11. Shoved In My Face (1/7/2014)
  12. Out With A Bang (1/14/2014)
  13. Tonight's The Night (1/21/2014)
  14. Virgin Skin (2/25/2014)
  15. Keep Your Mouth Shut (3/4/2014)
  16. A Rocket Blasting Off (3/11/2014)
  17. When Things Got Rough (3/18/2014)
  18. Until Your Feet Leave the Ground (4/8/2014)
  19. A Heavy Weight (4/15/2014)
  20. A Dark Day (Chicago Fire/P.D. Crossover - Part 2 is on the following night on Chicago P.D.!) (4/29/2014)
  21. One More Shot (5/6/2014)
  22. Real Never Waits (5/13/2014)

Season 3

  1. Season Three of Chicago Fire premieres on September 23, 2014!

Chicago Fire Specials

  1. I Am A Firefighter (6 Minutes) (2/11/2014)

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