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The Cheaters

Series Description

The Cheaters TV show was a 30 minute British drama series that aired on ITV about an insurance investigator who was uncanny at proving that people had defrauded his company regardless of how well they covered their tracks.

The Cheaters Cast

John Ireland ............ John Hunter
Robert Ayres ............ Walter Allen

The Cheaters Opening Narrative

"These and hundreds of other legitimate claims are paid by insurance companies. Once in a while some joker comes along with an attempt to defraud. By any other name, they are still The Cheaters. That's where I come in. I'm John Hunter, investigator for the Eastern Insurance Company."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates


First Season

  1. The Fine Print (12/10/1960)
  2. Intent To Defraud (12/17/1960)
  3. The Weasel (12/31/1960)
  4. The Man With The Ticking Head (1/7/1961)
  5. The Authentic McCoy (1/14/1961)
  6. The Legacy (1/21/1961)
  7. For The Price Of Two (1/28/1961)
  8. The Man Who Wouldn't Be Paid (2/4/1961)
  9. Libel (2/11/1961)
  10. The Schemers (2/18/1961)
  11. A Question Of Murder (2/25/1961)
  12. Fire! (3/4/1961)

The Second Season

  1. Obituary For A Champion (12/10/1961)
  2. Lamb To The Slaughter (12/17/1961)
  3. Washday S.O.S. (1/7/1962)
  4. A Case Of Larceny (1/14/1962)
  5. Slope Of Death (1/21/1962)
  6. Mighty Warrior (1/27/1962)
  7. A Tale Of Two Ships (2/3/1962)
  8. Killian's Cut (2/10/1962)
  9. Murder Fugue (2/17/1962)
  10. The Safe Way (2/24/1962)
  11. Flash In The Sky (3/3/1962)
  12. Single Or Double Indemnity (3/10/1962)
  13. Affairs Of The Heart (3/17/1962)
  14. The Bite (3/24/1962)
  15. A Hood From Canada (3/31/1962)
  16. The Hair Of The Dog (4/7/1962)
  17. Time To Kill (4/14/1962)
  18. The Dashing Major (4/21/1962)
  19. Legs - 50,000 Pounds Sterling Each (4/28/1962)
  20. The Case Of George Peterson (5/5/1962)
  21. Green For Danger (5/12/1962)
  22. The HandS Of Adrian (5/19/1962)
  23. Back Of Beyond (5/26/1962)
  24. The Broker (6/2/1962)
  25. Knight Of The Road (6/16/1962)
  26. Diamond Studded Malaria (6/23/1962)

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