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The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show was a 30 minute kids TV show that aired Saturday mornings on CBS. It explored Charlie's interactions with fellow students at school, with friends at play and with his pet dog Snoopy.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy Characters:

Brad Kesten .... Charlie Brown (1983)
Brett Johnson .... Charlie Brown (1985)
Bill Melendez .... Snoopy / Woodstock (1983-1985)
Angela Lee .... Lucy van Pelt (1983)
Heather Stoneman .... Lucy van Pelt (1985)
Jeremy Schoenberg .... Linus van Pelt/Floyd (1983)
Jeremy Miller .... Linus van Pelt (1985)
Stacy Heather Tolkin .... Sally Brown / Truffles (1983)
Stacy Ferguson .... Sally Brown / Patty (1985)
Kevin Brando .... Schroeder / 5 / Thibault / Shermy (1983)
Danny Colby .... Schroeder (1985)
Victoria Vargas .... Peppermint Patty (1983)
Gini Holtzman .... Peppermint Patty (1985)
Jason Mendelson .... Rerun van Pelt (1983-1985)
Carl Steven .... Franklin / Pigpen (1985)
Michael Dockery .... Marcie (1983)
Keri Houlihan .... Marcie (1985)
Mary Tunnell .... Frieda / Eudora (1983)

Charlie Brown and Snoopy Trivia

This TV Show was inspired by the renowned Peanuts comic strips by Charles Schultz that ran in more than 2,600 newspapers for fifty years from 1950 to 2000! Over that time period a whopping 17,897 comics were published! Most of the TV series' episodes were based upon what happened in the comics.

In 1986 the Charlie Brown and Snoopy TV show was nominated for a daytime Emmy for "Outstanding Animated Program" but lost the award to "Muppet Babies". The other nominees were "CBS Storybreak", "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids" and "Smurfs".

During the 1990s, episodes of Charlie Brown and Snoopy were re-run on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. Nickelodeon changed the name of the series to, "You're on Nickelodeon, Charlie Brown" in their 1997 broadcasts. It also re-ran in Canada on YTV and in the United Kingdom on Boomerang who also changed the name; this time to simply, "Snoopy".

A piano tune was especially written for Charlie Brown and Snoopy for the first season. Then a short version from the song "Let's Have A Party" on the album "Flashbeagle" was used for season two.

While you may not have seen episodes from this series, you've almost certainly seen one of the 53 Charlie Brown TV Specials that have aired since the early 1960s. Probably the best known of these is the very second one aired, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" which is most likely the TV show re-run more times than any other in television history!

There have also been numerous Snoopy and Charlie Brown video games produced from the first for the Atari 2600 to more recent releases on Xbox, Playstation and PC.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Snoopy's Cat Fight (9/17/1983)
  2. Snoopy: Team Manager (9/24/1983)
  3. Linus and Lucy (10/1/1983)
  4. Lucy Versus the World (10/8/1983)
  5. Linus' Security Blanket (10/15/1983)
  6. Snoopy: Man's Best Friend (10/22/1983)
  7. Snoopy the Psychiatrist (10/29/1983)
  8. You Can't Win, Charlie Brown (11/5/1983)
  9. The Lost Ballpark (11/12/1983)
  10. Snoopy's Football Career (11/19/1983)
  11. Chaos in the Classroom (11/26/1983)
  12. It's the Team Spirit, Charlie Brown (12/3/1983)
  13. Lucy Loves Schroeder (12/10/1983)
Season 2
  1. Snoopy and Woodstock (6/7/1985)
  2. Snoopy and the Giant (9/14/1985)
  3. Snoopy's Brother Spike (9/21/1985)
  4. Snoopy's Robot (9/28/1985)
  5. Peppermint Patty's School Days (10/5/1985)
  6. Sally's Sweet Babboo (10/12/1985)

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