Channing Cast
Series Description

The Channing TV show was a 60 minute drama series on ABC about the personal and professional lives of the Dean and an English Professor at a college. Their interactions with students, faculty, and others off-campus provided the subject matter for the episodes. Occasionally, an episode would concentrate more on the students and/or some other faculty member.

Channing Cast

Henry Jones .... Dean Fred Baker
Jason Evers .... Professor Joseph Howe

Channing Trivia

This series got its name due to the storylines taking place at a fictional "Channing University".

The Channing TV show had a pretty decent time slot on Wednesday evenings at 10:00PM right after the hit medical series, "Ben Casey".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Message from the Tin Room (9/18/1963)
  2. Exercise in a Shark Tank (9/25/1963)
  3. An Obelisk for Benny (10/2/1963)
  4. No Wild Games for Sophie (10/9/1963)
  5. Dragon in the Den (10/23/1963)
  6. The Potato Bash World (10/30/1963)
  7. Collision Course (11/6/1963)
  8. A Patron Saint for the Cargo Cult (11/13/1963)
  9. A Window on the War (11/27/1963)
  10. A Doll's House with Pom Pom and Trophies (12/4/1963)
  11. Beyond His Reach (12/11/1963)
  12. The Last Testament of Buddy Crown (12/18/1963)
  13. A Hall Full of Strangers (12/25/1963)
  14. Memory of a Firing Squad (1/1/1964)
  15. A Rich, Famous, Glamorous Folk Singer Like Me (1/8/1964)
  16. Swing for the Moon (1/15/1964)
  17. Another Kind of Music (1/22/1964)
  18. Ou sont les neiges? (2/12/1964)
  19. The Face in the Sun (2/19/1964)
  20. A Claim to Immortality (2/26/1964)
  21. Freedom Is a Lovesome Thing God Wot (3/4/1964)
  22. The Trouble with Girls (3/11/1964)
  23. Wave Goodbye to Our Fair-Haired Boy (3/18/1964)
  24. A Bang and a Whimper (3/25/1964)
  25. Christmas Day Is Breaking Wan (4/1/1964)
  26. My Son, the All-American (4/8/1964)

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