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Cash and Company

Cash and Company Cast

Series Description

The Cash and Company TV show was a 60 minute Australian crime drama series on the Seven Network that highlighted the criminal activities of a gang comprised of two men and a woman who repeatedly outsmarted a cop who was trying to capture them in the act. The series took place in the Australian outback during the 1850s during the gold rush.

Cash and Company Cast


Serge Lazareff .................. Sam Cash
Gus Mercurio .................... Joe Brady
Penne Hackforth-Jones ........... Jessica Johnson
Bruce Kerr ...................... Lieutenant Keogh
John Frawley .................... Father-In-Law
Anne Scott-Pendlebury ........... Annie

Cash and Company Trivia

This series inspired a "spinoff series" that aired for another 13 episodes during the very next season. It's title was, "Tandarra".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Three's Company (5/26/1975)
  2. The Witness (6/2/1975)
  3. Up to Scratch (6/9/1975)
  4. Golden Girl (6/16/1975)
  5. Dolly Mop (6/23/1975)
  6. The Intruders (6/30/1975)
  7. Joe Sent Me (7/7/1975)
  8. A P.J. Clarke Original (7/14/1975)
  9. Home Brewed (7/21/1975)
  10. The Halfway House (7/28/1975)
  11. Happy Christmas (8/11/1975)
  12. All My Worldly Goods (8/25/1975)
  13. Such Sweet Sorrow (9/1/1975)

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