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The Cara Williams Show

Cara Williams Show Cast

Series Description

The Cara Williams show was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS about a divorced man and a divorced woman who met, fell in love, and got married. Unfortunately, they met at work where there was a hard-nosed policy that didn't allow fellow employees to be married. The funny episodic plots typically revolved around the lengths they had to go to keep their marriage a secret.



Cara Williams ........... Cara Wilton / Bridges
Frank Aletter ........... Frank Bridges
Paul Reed ............... Damon Burkhardt
Reta Shaw ............... Mrs. Burkhardt
Jeanne Arnold ........... Mary Hammilmeyer
Jack Sheldon ............ Fletcher Kincaid
Audrey Christie ......... Agnes

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Top Secret Groom (9/18/1964)
  2. From Cara With Love (9/25/1964)
  3. The Good Rumor Girl (10/9/1964)
  4. Amelia Hofstetter, Please Go Home (10/16/1964)
  5. Cara Fiddles While Her Hero Burns (10/23/1964)
  6. The Wedding Rehearsal (10/29/1964)
  7. Cool It Cara, Those Diamonds Are Hot (11/4/1964)
  8. That Little Old Dressmaker, Me (11/11/1964)
  9. Get The Lead Out (11/19/1964)
  10. Help, I'm Being Held Prisoner By A Teenager (11/25/1964)
  11. Who Threw The Monkey Wrench In Cara Wilton's Chowder (12/2/1964)
  12. Three On A Mismatch (12/9/1964)
  13. Cara, Girl Genius (12/16/1964)
  14. The Pygmalion Touch (12/22/1964)
  15. Will Cara's Success Spoil Frank Bridges? (12/31/1964)
  16. Cara Plays It Safe (1/6/1965)
  17. Much A Glue About Nothing (1/13/1965)
  18. Anywhere I Hang My Hat Is Home (1/20/1965)
  19. Cara, The Bird Woman Of Fenwick (1/27/1965)
  20. How To Be Happy Though Married (2/3/1965)
  21. Cara, The Defiant One (2/10/1965)
  22. An Ounce Of Prevention (2/17/1965)
  23. The Paint Job (2/24/1965)
  24. Variety Is The Spice Of Wife (3/3/1965)
  25. Fletcher Succeeds In Business Without Really Trying (3/11/1965)
  26. A Pawn Ticket For A Ticker (3/17/1965)
  27. What Television Show Does Your Dog Watch? (3/24/1965)
  28. Cara's Private War Against Poverty (3/31/1965)
  29. Paradise Freezes Over (4/8/1965)
  30. Paradise Lost And Found (4/15/1965)

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