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Call to Glory

Call to Glory Cast

Series Description

The Call to Glory TV show was a 60 minute military drama series on ABC about the professional and personal life of an Air Force pilot stationed at Edwards Air Force base in the early 1960s.

Call to Glory Cast

Craig T. Nelson ............ Colonel Raynor Sarnac
Cindy Pickett .............. Vanessa Sarnac
Elisabeth Shue ............. Jackie Sarnac
David Hollander ............ Wesley Sarnac
Keenan Wynn ................ Carl Sarnac
Gabriel Damon .............. R.H. Sarnac
Thomas O'Brien ............. Patrick Thomas
David Lain Baker ........... Airman Tom Bonelli
J.D. Cannon ................ General Mike Hampton
Daniel McDonald ............ Nick Oliver
Priscilla Pointer .......... Lillie

Call to Glory Trivia


There were two episodes of the Call To Glory TV show that were produced but did not air due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were: "Fathers and Daughters" and "The End, The Beginning".

Call to Glory was vaguely inspired by the stories told by test pilots in the book, "The Right Stuff" by author Tom Wolfe. The series was the first one after the end of the Vietnam War that represented the military in a positive light.

Call to Glory was a major factor in Elisabeth Shue's rise to stardom!

Craig T. Nelson's middle initial was necessarily included in his stage name due to the fact that there was already a Craig Richard Nelson registered with the Screen Actors Guild.

Nelson also starred on, "Coach" for an amazing 9 seasons and on "The District" for 4 seasons.

The pilot episode of Call to Glory was shot at Laughlin Air Base in Texas because the storyline was about the U-2 spyplane flyovers of Cuba during the Cuba Missile crisis in 1962 that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war! Laughlin is the base where the U-2s were based.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot - Part 1 (8/13/1984)
  2. Pilot - Part 2 (8/13/1984)
  3. The Move (8/20/1984)
  4. Blackbird (8/27/1984)
  5. A Nation Divided (9/3/1984)
  6. Paper Tiger (9/17/1984)
  7. Go ... No Go (9/24/1984)
  8. Call It Courage (10/1/1984)
  9. A Wind from the East (10/8/1984)
  10. A Moment in the Sun (10/22/1984)
  11. Cover Story (10/29/1984)
  12. Realities (11/12/1984)
  13. The Wake (11/19/1984)
  14. Medals All of Brass (11/26/1984)
  15. A Wind of Change (12/3/1984)
  16. Give Unto Caesar (12/17/1984)
  17. Moonchild (1/15/1985)
  18. Images (1/22/1985)
  19. Fathers and Sons (1/29/1985)
  20. Just in Time (2/12/1985)
  21. The JFK Years - Part 1 (6/30/1985)
  22. The JFK Years - Part 2 (6/30/1985)

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