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Cain's Hundred

Cain's Hundred Cast

Series Description

The Cain's Hundred TV show was a 60 minute crime drama series on NBC about a former organized crime lawyer named Nick Cain who left his life of crime after falling in love and becoming engaged. His former employers were concerned that he might talk about what he knew about their organization so they put out a "hit" on him. The hit man missed Nick and accidentally killed his fiancee instead. Nick was understandably upset and felt he had nothing left to live for except revenge so he joined with the FBI in his determination to bring their top 100 most wanted criminals to justice.

Cain's Hundred Cast

Mark Richman .............. Nick Cain
Carol Rossen .............. Stella Caulfield

Cain's Hundred Trivia


Mark Richman was born Marvin Jack Richman but used Mark as his stage name. Then, in the early 1970s he changed it to Peter Mark Richman for religious reasons.

Baby boomers will probably remember Richman best for his role as Reverend Luther Snow, Chrissy's dad on "Three's Company".

Richman first played Nick Cain in two 1961 feature films titled, "The Murder Men" and "The Crime Busters".

Nearly every episode of Cain's Hundred had a well known guest star. A few of them were, "Charles Bronson", "Sammy Davis Jr.", "DeForest Kelley", "Cloris Leachman", "Ricardo Montalban", "Leonard Nimoy", "Don Rickles", "Telly Savalas" and "Robert Vaughn"!

Perhaps the major reason why Cain's Hundred didn't last longer than it did is that it was competing with the very popular "Garry Moore Show" on CBS.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Crime and Commitment - Part 1 (9/19/1961)
  2. Crime and Punishment - Part 2 (9/26/1961)
  3. Blue Water, White Beach (10/3/1961)
  4. Markdown on a Man (10/10/1961)
  5. Degrees of Guilt (10/17/1961)
  6. King of the Mountain (10/24/1961)
  7. The Penitent (10/31/1961)
  8. Comeback (11/7/1961)
  9. Dead Load (11/21/1961)
  10. In The Balance (11/28/1961)
  11. Five for One (12/5/1961)
  12. The Fixer (12/12/1961)
  13. Cain's Final Judgment (12/19/1961)
  14. The Plush Jungle (1/2/1962)
  15. Take a Number (1/9/1962)
  16. The Debasers (1/16/1962)
  17. The Schemer (1/23/1962)
  18. The Manipulator (1/30/1962)
  19. Murder by Proxy (2/6/1962)
  20. Blood Money (2/13/1962)
  21. Blues for a Junkman (2/20/1962)
  22. The New Order (3/6/1962)
  23. The Cost of Living (3/20/1962)
  24. Savage in Darkness (3/27/1962)
  25. The Swinger (4/3/1962)
  26. Inside Track (4/10/1962)
  27. A Creature Lurks in Ambush (4/17/1962)
  28. Women of Silure (4/24/1962)
  29. The Left Side of Canada (5/1/1962)
  30. The Quick Brown Fox (5/15/1962)

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